Try Hot or Cold Beverages at Teamo Tea Cafe

Whether you prefer a steaming cup of herbal tea or are a devotee of cold bubble teas, Teamo Tea Cafe has something for you. During summer months, however the most popular drink at this Sandy Springs shop is the chilled fruit tea that can really quench your thirst.

Try the tart lemon strawberry tea on a hot afternoon, or go for a soothing and mellow aloe jasmine brew as you relax after work. Milk-based bubble tea favorites include the original and matcha flavors, as well as the new chai and coconut flavors (you can even add jelly toppings, if you like). Best of all, Teamo makes it easy for you to customize the levels of ice and sugar in your drink, so you can get exactly the taste you're looking for. Insider tip: be sure to ask for a drink club card, which allows you to collect a free drink + dessert every 12th time you visit.

Public Domain/Pixabay/Polymanu