Celebrate the Great Outdoors at Dunwoody Nature Center

You don’t have to leave Atlanta to enjoy the great outdoors; just head to Dunwoody Nature Center. The nature center and its surrounding park offer ample opportunities to explore the flora and fauna native to the Atlanta area via exhibits within the nature center’s building and trails, gardens, and more out in the park.

Check out the gardens surrounding the nature center and throughout the park to get a feel for the type of greenery that’s indigenous to the region and meet some of the critters who rely on it for sustenance. You might spot butterflies in the Murdoch Garden, honeybees in the Milkweed and Pollinator Garden, and frogs in the Entry Plaza Pond Garden. Delve even deeper into the woods via the wetlands boardwalk and the hiking trails that snake throughout the park. You can also go geocaching, check out the beehives, or even plan a party in the treehouse at Dunwoody Park.