Try the Hot Night Sushi Roll at Fúdo

Fúdo debuted a list of inventive sushi rolls and other Japanese bites in December, and the rave reviews are already rolling int. The Hot Night roll has really captured the attention (and taste buds) of patrons. The sushi chef stuffs this roll with fried scallops, mango, sriracha, and spicy aioli, then tops it with extra scallops, tuna, wasabi-lime, spicy kabayaki sauce, and nori.

This is just one of the dozens of Hollywood-themed rolls on the menu, so order a few to try. The Ocean’s 8 showcases shrimp tempura and spicy albacore on the inside, plus shrimp, scallop, langoustine, and dynamite sauce on top. The menu also includes simpler hand rolls, vegetarian rolls, and a handful of starters, rice dishes, and stir-fried entrees. Complement your meal with a shot of sake or a specialty cocktail.