Pass the Time During the Cold Winter Months at Bury the Hatchet

You’ve hit the bars, tried an escape room, and even worked your way through the area’s museums during this long, cold winter. There’s one more activity that you probably haven’t tried, and it’s at Bury the Hatchet

This unique axe throwing facility has large targets along one wall, and the aim of the game is to toss an axe as hard as you can and let it sail. Chances are you’ve never done anything remotely like this, and that’s ok; even novices can pick it up quickly, so you might be throwing bullseyes sooner than you think. Bury the Hatchet also has an on-site bar so you can have a few beers while you play. There’s plenty of information on their website to see how it works, and giving it a try is as easy as showing up with an open mind.

 Bury the Hatchet is located on Roswell Road in Sandy Springs. It’s open seven days a week.