Can You Beat the Clock at Mastermind Escape Games?

Do you have what it takes to escape? At Mastermind Escape Games in Sandy Springs, you’ll have just 60 minutes to work with your team to outsmart the riddles and puzzles to escape the room and become champions. This location has six different rooms, ranging in difficulty, with themes like Sorcerer’s Secret and Bank Heist. Take a peek at their website so you can read through what each game will have in store for you.

One thing players love about this spot is unlike other escape room venues, they provide you with an iPad in the beginning of your game that will provide you with clues upon request, from easy to hard. From there, you can book a specific time online. Reservations must be made at least an hour in advance and can be made by calling or reserving online. If you have a large group, you can purchase all the tickets for a room, and if there are only a few of you, you’ll be joined by some new friends that will help you solve the puzzles during your reserved time. Get your game face on!